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By | July 28, 2018

Some cool xmas with children images:

xmas with children
Image by Miguel Discart Photos Vrac 2
BelgiBeer – BBD – Waterloo

Brasserie : Waterloo
In 2014, the Mont-Saint-Jean farm was bought by John Martin. This building was used by the British army and their allies during the battle in 1815 to provide medical assistance. This acquisition saved the site of the Battle of Waterloo and perpetuated its history. Moreover, half of the farm is now a classified and protected in the World’s cultural heritage.

Waterloo is part of Anthony Martin’s Finest Beer selection, which promotes the art of regional microbreweries. The microbrewery is located on the Mont-Saint-Jean site.

Today, the site is expanding, the Martin group has imagined a cluster of activities that revolves around the Mont-Saint-Jean farm: a restaurant, a shop where local products are sold, a museum, a reception room and soon a theme park for children, an educational farm and a bike rental service to wander around this historical site.

Triple Blonde
see beer : Light, blonde body.
smell beer : Fruity notes (green apple and linden)
taste beer : Good balance, delicate hoppy finish.
Type : Belgian Blond
Alcool : 8 %
Contents : 33 cl

Strong Dark
see beer : Dark beer.
smell beer : Powerful and woody in the beginning, fruity later.
taste beer : At first round and fruity. The taste of roasted malt reveals aromas of coffee, toffee (molasses and caramelized butter). The aftertaste does not affect the freshness of a thirst-quenching brown beer.
Type : Dark Beer
Alcool : 8 %
Contents : 33 cl

see beer : Pale blonde.
smell beer : The first aromas are very floral, but the beer develops into malted and smoked aromas.
taste beer : On the palate, the flavours are complex revealing a beautiful floral and full-bodied bitterness. Malt and wheat are a pleasant on the palate.Nonetheless the tasting experience is rich allowing hops to develop without ever becoming excessive on the palate.
Type : Pale ale
Alcool : 6 %
Contents : 33 cl

Recolte Hiver (Xmas Beer)
see beer : Dark
smell beer : Aromas of dried fruits and cocoa.
taste beer : The first contact in the mouth is very sweet, slightly bitter with cocoa flavours which are well present. The tasting remains lively and ends with a light but very pleasant perception of ‘candy’ or candied dates and figs.
Type : Dark Beer
Alcool : 7 %
Contents : 33 cl

( BelgiBeer vous devoile le veritable patrimoine belge, reconnu mondialement pour la qualite et la variete de ses produits, mais pourtant largement meconnu du grand public !

BelgiBeer, des Box bieres 100% artisanales !

Dans nos box bieres, nous mettons pour vous chaque mois le meilleur des petites et moyennes brasseries belges, que nous allons chercher directement chez elles. Chaque mois, BelgiBeer vous fait decouvrir une brasserie artisanale differente. )

Winter Wonderland
xmas with children
Image by North Charleston
North Charleston’s holiday event for pre-schoolers, Winter Wonderland.

Photo by Ryan Johnson

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