Nice New Years Celebration photos

By | July 11, 2018

Some cool new years celebration images:

new years celebration
Image by Phuketian.S
Больше фото, рассказов и видео из наших путешествий по земле и на яхте на форуме

Womensphere Holiday Celebration 2014
new years celebration
Image by Womensphere
Inspiration, Purpose, Impact: Creating Vision for 2015 – A Womensphere Thanksgiving & Holiday Community Celebration

In partnership with Impact Hub New York (


How do you want to shape the year to come? What is your vision for success and impact – in your personal life, in your career, in your leadership journey, and in the greater world? Hear from inspiring leaders in the Womensphere community, and share your reflections!

Join us for an inspiring conversation and cocktail reception, with wine, cheese, music and poetry, and be in great company, celebrating the leaders and members of the Womensphere Global Network and community. Distinguished leaders will share thoughts and reflections on creating vision, crafting strategy, and implementing actionable plans, towards inspiration, purpose, and impact in the New Year:

• Marissa Feinberg – Co-Founder, Impact Hub New York
• Analisa Balares – CEO & Founder, Womensphere; Chair, Womensphere Foundation
• Morley – Award-winning Music Artist
• Dr. Heather Berlin – Cognitive Neuroscientist; TV Show Host, Discovery Networks’ Superhuman Showdown; Faculty, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
• Dr. Elodie Ghedin – Professor of Biology & Public Health, NYU; MacArthur Foundation Fellow and “genius awardee”
• Loreen Arbus – Chair, Arbus Foundation; Board Member, Women Moving Millions
• Heather Ibrahim Leathers – CEO, Global Fund for Widows
• Dr. James Gifford – Senior Leadership Team, Tau Investment Management; World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
• Ana Lea Uy – Chief Counsel, Ramon Magsaysay Foundation; World Bank Project to Clean Up Manila Bay
• Yanne Doucet and Arthee Jahangir– PhD Candidates at Columbia and Albert Einstein; STEM Leadership Council of Womensphere Foundation
• Whitney Greenaway – Award-winning Poet

The Arcadian, Birmingham – Chinese New Year – Hurst Walk – Las Iguanas
new years celebration
Image by ell brown
Been meaning for ages now to get shots of The Arcadian. Haven’t been here in a long time. When I saw that the Chinese lanterns had gone up, I knew that I had to get shots of it, a week before Birmingham’s Chinese New Year celebrations happens.

I’ve been putting off doing this, maybe due to all the traffic on Pershore Street in rush hour (not that I would take it in rush hour).

I used to come here for the cinema in the 1990s – First it was an MGM Cinema, then a Virgin Cinema, later a UGC Cinema, before it closed down.

Last I saw of it, the cinema was closed (that was sometime after 2004?).

I recall that they used to have cinema artwork on one of the walls (long since painted over or re-bricked).

It wasn’t a favourite cinema of mine in the 1990s.

In 2011 – it is the Chinese New Year (around late January / early February 2011) and it is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

The City Council will be holding festivities on Sunday the 6th of February 2011 (not planning on attending this). Birmingham City Council – Chinese New Year

It will start the Chinese year of 4709.

The Arcadian shopping centre by FaulknerBrowns Architects, 1990-2. Drum feature with free-standing columns and surrounding cornice. Inside, a Stirlingesque circular courtyard, but the overall effect is poor.

From Pevsner Architectural Guides: Birmingham by Andy Foster.

This is Hurst Walk.

This restaurant on Hurst Walk is Las Iguanas. A Latin American Restaurant.

The Arcadian

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