Italian Cream Cake

By | March 3, 2018

Check out these christmas celebration images:

Italian Cream Cake
christmas celebration
Image by Vicki’s Nature
Lacey’s wonderful fried clams & potatoes this morning (that she photographs like a pro) got me to thinking about food:

We had an early Christmas celebration with extended friends and I was bringing dessert – but with my vision problems I could barely read recipes. But I got the cake made. This is a classic Southern dessert – Italian Cream Cake. It’s not Italian and there’s no cream in it 😉 Winter cherries arrived at our grocery that morning – just in time. We had a great time with extended friends.

early Christmas 2013

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Winner, Game, Yummy, 2-14

christmas celebration
Image by mikonsx

Time Travel
christmas celebration
Image by Photo Extremist
Exploding blasts of sparks burst out into the darkness of space and time..
Check out the instructional video walkthrough on my blog if you want learn how to make shots just like this.

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