Cool Xmas Celebration images

By | August 3, 2018

A few nice xmas celebration images I found:

Annual NYC Christmas trip
xmas celebration
Image by tchamber236
Annual Christmas trip to NYC. Rockefeller Center, La Bonne Soupe, Plaza

Christmas market 3D
xmas celebration
Image by Immagini 2&3D
Open the first stalls of the market of "Christmas of the peoples". A time of celebration and consumerism, even if dedicated to the thousands of migrants – men, women, children – fleeing wars and misery in search of better living conditions, often finding the death on their way.
Rovereto Trentino, Italy

To view 3D pics cross your eyes focusing between at the pictures until both images overlap one another in the middle.
Per vedere le foto in 3D incrociare (strabuzzare leggermente) gli occhi fino a che le due immagini si sovrappongono formandone una sola centrale.

xmas celebration
Image by Mmm…Bacon!

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